We mean business: Career & Tech training places students in great jobs

In Red Oak ISD, we mean business when it comes to preparing our students for the world beyond graduation.

“Whether that means career, college or service in the military, we are committed to opening as many doors as possible for our graduates,” said Career and Technology Director Lisa Menton. “That’s why we offer everything from computer maintenance to health services and welding.”

In a news story entitled “Six Figures, No Suits!” CBS 11 Reporter Robbie Owens described how the very jobs CTE classes are preparing students for today are in high demand.

“Manufacturing never left the U.S. There’s this myth that somehow all the jobs went to China or Mexico. That didn’t happen,” SMU School of Business Senior Lecturer Dr. Mike Davis told Owens. “We continued to manufacture in this country. In fact, we got really good at it.”

100% of ROHS students are required to take a career and technology course as part of their graduation plan. Students can choose from 84 CTE offerings ranging from anatomy to welding to prepare students for careers. Such training offers students bright futures after they graduate from high school.

Take computer maintenance for example. A student who works as a network and computer system administrator making a starting salary of $60,000 can choose to move up in that profession or finance a college education using that salary to pay for tuition and other bills. Computer-aided design classes prepare students for careers in civil engineering and architectural drafting, which have average starting salaries of $66,000 and $37,000, respectively.