Road work in Ovilla a hot topic

By Rita Cook / Red Oak Record

OVILLA – Road work is always a topic of discussion in the City of Ovilla. With that in mind, at a recent city council meeting the Ovilla City Council kept the momentum going discussing a scheduled maintenance plan for past completed road work projects.

“The road maintenance plan is just that,” said City Manager Dennis Burn “to insure that all our current roadways are inspected and any deficiencies are corrected in a timely manner.” 

The Road Inspection and Maintenance Plan was adopted by the City Council at the April city council meeting.

The plan will be implemented by weekly inspections of the roadways with noted issues of concerns highlighted. Remedies will be addressed by the city staff with the assistance of Dallas and Ellis counties and outside contractors. The city staff has also developed a checklist so that an inventory can be maintained as necessary.

Ovilla Mayor Richard Dormier said “We adopted policies to establish procedures for public works to provide timely and routine maintenance of our streets and drainage structures to maximize the useful life of city streets. Good routine maintenance can extend the life of an asphalt street at least 50 percent.” 

Dormier said the plan is a good idea overall because it allows the city to do more with the limited resources available as its repaves new streets each year.

“The program we have established sets up the inspection and documentation procedures so that potholes and cracks in pavement are repaired properly before they get out of hand,” he added.

Of course, road maintenance is also the best means to assure the safety of Ovilla’s roads too.

The money for the road upkeep comes out of the city’s annual budgeted funds each fiscal year and the work is ever changing.

Burn said this type of road maintenance plan is an ongoing process.

“It will never end,” he said.

Dormier added “The next step, for now, will be for the city council to provide funds to allow maintenance to occur with support for equipment, materials and personnel. That will be part of our discussions for next year’s budget.”

This city has created other maintenance plans in the past to assure proper upkeep. Burn said there is also a Park maintenance plan that is similar to the Road maintenance plan in which inventory check sheets and equipment is considered for repair or replacement as needed.